NuxGame Casino Games Suite is now available for land-based betshop operators

The NuxGame Retail platform, designed to power land-based betshops, now allows the integration of casino game content.

Press release

March 15, 2022 11:00 a.m. EDT

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao, March 15, 2022 ( –
One of NuxGame’s core solutions, designed to accept bets on sporting events, has undergone a global update that now allows operators to offer casino and sports betting options to their players. .

According to the company’s announcement, “Integrating a casino platform into Retail is a game-changing event for NuxGame. Now our Retail is an all-in-one solution, which means our customers can integrate all sports betting options and casino of their choice. At the same time, our customers who already operate a betting shop using our software have the opportunity to expand the scale of their business and explore new opportunities.”

The latest version of the NuxGame Retail platform including both products is already available for operators who intend to start an iGaming business or expand the existing project.

Introducing the NuxGame Retail Solution

Retail is a basic iGaming solution for land based projects. Along with retail, NuxGame offers multi-scale solutions for online operators, such as Turnkey, Seamless Wallet API content integration, and Sport Engine to power a sports betting brand. Additionally, NuxGame offers legal advice for clients who need assistance with documentation management, licensing, tax planning, and more.

NuxGame Retail is a complete software solution for powering common and personal betting monitors. The retail system includes separate functional interfaces for accepting bets from players, a cashier menu and a system administration panel. The system provides fast and smooth operation, high security and is easily adaptable for operation in various global markets.

Retail Platform has a multi-functional back-office that allows system administrators to collect valuable statistics and have an overview of all processes and transactions taking place in the system. In addition, the system guarantees instant data processing, which is essential for providing live betting odds.

With the platform software, NuxGame offers a wide selection of sports content and events to integrate, including:

  • Types of live and pre-match bets
  • 15+ kinds of sports
  • 70,000+ monthly events
  • Over 4,500 casino games

For more details on the Retail solution, check the NuxGame official website or contact a sales representative.

Source: NuxGame