Are retro casino games the new cool?

Are retro casino games the new cool? The human race has believed that new is always better for decades. There is no doubt that the future brings only positive things, and the negative things can be easily mitigated with new and improved technologies. And then 2020 hit us like a wrecking ball and left us yearning for times when things were simpler, easier, and more carefree. This unexpected scenario has caused many trends in fashion, home decor, lifestyles, and even casino games.

Polish gaming expert Anna Rosak has witnessed this shift in the casino industry: “Forget the futuristic and sci-fi games, it’s now about the retro vibe. Retro is the new cool.

In his opinion, people are still not ready to face the “new normal”, and that is why more and more casino releases focus on well-known trends from the 50s to 80s. “It was a other times, and people think she’s fond of it. Plus, we all need something familiar and comforting, whenever we’re feeling down,” she says, explaining that the new twist manifests itself in several ways.

Revival of retro types of social gaming

One of the most visible changes, according to Rosak, is the rise of retro social gaming. She specifically mentions bingo for real money available at kasyno online. Unlike slot games, which are as individualistic as they come, online bingo offers a completely different experience.

“Our parents’ and grandparents’ generation had to visit public bingo halls, but we can hang out with our peers with just a few clicks. This proved incredibly important in the pandemic when thousands of players turned to bingo, a game renowned for its social aspect, ”reveals the gambling specialist. Many punters who joined online casinos during the lockout stayed because they made connections and relationships with others.

Go back in time with new slot machines

Over the past two years, Rosak has also noticed a sudden influx of certain types of slot machines. Most recently released games are either spin-offs of popular games (as in the case of Starburst), sequels (like Dead or Alive 2), or directly inspired by bygone eras. The best examples for the last category are Hotline 2 which will make you feel like you are in an episode of Miami Vice, and Dita’s Burlesque, in the recognizable style of the 1950s. The scene of the game has also witnessed several installments and a revamp of the ever-popular “Immortal Romance,” a slot that also became part of the Mega Moolah World Series of progressive jackpots.

Even the sci-fi and space-themed games that have been released have a strong retro vibe. Such titles often embody 1980s futurism, similar to that seen in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. “The future of these games is dark and gloomy, despite the neon lights and flickering billboards. Additionally, a growing number of casino games represent the new incarnation of video game classics like Pac-Man and similar arcades. “Explains the expert. She also thinks that one of the main reasons why arcades are coming back is the fact that today’s video game technologies and companies rarely want to support or offer the retro style. “They focus on the development of games as elaborate and complex as possible, to milk more money”, she proclaims.

This all sounds pretty impressive, right? Well, our gaming insider noticed one last thing: “Understand that the games listed above are all video slots. Players have never gone so far to give classic fruit machines a chance,” she reveals and reminds us: “Fruit machines only have 3 reels, much less unique game mechanics, and are generally too retro to appeal to today’s consumers, especially the younger generation.

Basically, gamers don’t care for retro themes and retro feel, but still don’t want to give up all the advantages of modern gaming. 3-reel slots are definitely a thing of the past, or so it seems.

Are retro games here to stay?

The popularity of retro games is clearly a response to the uncertain times we live in. Games with musical rhythms that we can easily recognize, inspired by television shows from our childhood, or those that serve as a time machine to transfer us to worlds before. born are definitely in fashion. But will this trend continue?

What makes a certain thing fashionable is the moment. Rosak explains that new gaming preferences are obviously a result of the current crisis, and as things improve and people get used to new protocols and policies, they’ll also likely be more open to futuristic games and titles. who look to the future, instead of the past.

“Trends come and go, that’s the one thing we can all be sure of. What does the future hold? I have no idea, but I’m really looking forward to it,” concludes Anna Rosak.