Best Casino Games to Play at 96Ace Online Gambling Malaysia

As the pandemic continues, ebbing and flowing month by month, more and more activities are going digital, including gaming. The gaming industry is experiencing explosive growth right now and especially in the online sector. The world is becoming more virtual and the casino space is adapting accordingly. In a more globalized world, there is gaming action to be found, anytime, on the World Wide Web. And with most money changing hands digitally these days, it’s more convenient than ever to pay online.

This is where 96Ace Online Gambling Malaysia comes in, a leading brand that offers many popular standard casino games. Let’s review some of them, starting with a game that’s more or less synonymous with James Bond films.


Get your inner 007 agent playing virtual roulette. One of the most popular games at 96Ace Malaysia online gambling, Roulette is considered one of the classiest and most sophisticated ways to bet in a casino, you know, a real physical edition. Therefore, this also carries over to the online casino. An exciting gambling game which is best experienced IRL with no social distancing requirements, you can also have fun with it in cyberspace.

There are many ways to bet these days online, beyond just providing your credit card information. PayPal is the most popular online currency exchanger in the world, but Venmo is not far behind. There is also Skrill, Square, Zelle… and so on.

sports betting

Here in America, sports betting is exploding, and it’s just getting started. It was in May 2018 that the federal government allowed states to determine the legality of sports betting, and states have been rewriting the laws since. Many countries in the rest of the world are way ahead of us, and you can see that experience on 96Ace Sportsbook Malaysia. They have a solid infrastructure in place, and day and night there are sporting events somewhere in the world taking place.

This means 24/7 sports betting opportunities, and you can start with the most popular game in the world: football/soccer/futbol. The UEFA Champions League ends in the semi-finals, if you want some continental European flair.

Just in case you want to focus on just one country, the most popular top flight in the world is the English Premier League. Currently there are three two-horse races to focus on: Manchester City and Liverpool are battling for the title, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur for the fourth and final Champions League qualifying spot for next season and Everton against Burnley in last place to avoid relegation.

Also, the NBA playoffs are in full swing, so you might want to spend some money on that. Defending NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks are looking really good right now and could repeat. Then check out the 96Ace Sports Book today.

Hit the slot machines

Slot machines, slot machines, or as they are called in some parts of the world “slot machines”, are the everyday way of betting for everyone. They’re pretty much anywhere you have an establishment with a gaming license, but now you can take them with you. Go download Slot Apk to experience online slots action wherever you are. After all, if it’s a nice spring day, after another long winter, who wants to be indoors in front of a computer.

Game on!

Paul M. Banks is the owner/manager of The Bank (TheSportsBank.Net) and author of “Transatlantic Passage: How the English Premier League Redefined Soccer in America”, as well as “No I Can’t Get You Free Tickets: Lessons From A Lifetime In The Sports Media Industry.”

He has appeared regularly in WGN, Sports Illustrated and the Chicago Grandstand, and co-hosts the After Extra Time podcast. follow him on Twitter and Instagram.