FanDuel chooses Casino Cash Trac for its Arizona sportsbook opening

TULSA, Oklahoma., September 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cash Trac Casino (CCT) is proud to announce that FanDuel has selected CCT to deliver its award-winning cash management solution at its brand new sports betting facility located in the beautiful Phoenix Suns arena in Arizona.

FanDuel is one of the operators that has been licensed within Arizona. With its launch, the people of Arizona will be able to join with much of the rest of the country to establish specific programming for a week, day or NFL game each week, as well as a large roster of other sports.

“This partnership is a real win-win. CCT has helped casinos across the country with their sports betting operations and CCT is present in 5 other states with sports betting operators. As we seek to develop and improve the Cash management solutions for our casino customers and now sports betting operators across the country, this is a great solution that the sports betting industry needed. guests, mentioned Wanor França, CRO for Cash Trac Casino.

Since its inception in 2012, Casino Cash Trac has been helping casinos across the United States with its CAS solution for cage operations and revenue audit automation. It offers full integration with casino management systems, food and beverage systems, hotel systems, recyclers / kiosks / ATMs / cash dispensers, all on a single platform for superior auditing. , management reports, data analysis and more. Now, with Sportsbook Operators, CCT can provide a complete cash management solution and help the entire organization adapt and perform audit functions for each site. Auditing can be centralized, creating huge efficiencies for operations.

“We are honored that FanDuel has chosen our Casino Insight ™ solution for all their cash management and sports betting auditing needs. This will be the first stadium installation for CCT and FanDuel and we are excited to create efficiencies and savings for the whole team, ”added Wanor França, CRO at CCT.

About Casino Cash Trac

Situated at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Casino Cash Trac is the creator of Casino Insight ™, an award-winning suite of transactional, reporting and analytics tools designed to streamline and automate cage operations, revenue audit processes, and trade analysis. Casino Insight ™ offers full integration with most casino, restaurant and hotel management systems, as well as most ATMs, kiosks and other ATMs.

Since development Casino Insight ™ in 2012, Casino Cash Trac helped more than 180 casinos in multiple states and countries advance towards operational excellence, maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing waste of paper and manual processes.

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