How have horror-themed casino games developed over the years?

The themes of casino games are impressive in their variety. From ancient history to outer space, rock stars to classic works of literature, developers draw inspiration from afar to inform the design of their slot machines.

One of the group’s best-represented genres is horror, and today there are hundreds of games of chance infused with gothic elements, based on popular horror properties, or otherwise influenced by the occult.

Let’s take a look at what trends and technologies have shaped this part of the gaming industry, and what horror fans can take away from casino games today.

Evolve over time

If you start looking for horror-themed slots, you’ll quickly come across games that pay a lot of homage to the classics of the genre.

From Frankenstein’s monster to Count Dracula himself, the greatest monsters the human imagination has ever concocted still lurk on the reels of modern machines.

However, that doesn’t mean developers are stuck in the past. In fact, the opposite is true, as there are plenty of examples of casino games that have kept up with the evolution of horror media over the past two decades.

The Immortal Romance franchise is arguably the best example of this, as it clearly bases its style and design on a combination of the Twilight saga as well as the Vampire Diaries.

There are also officially licensed games, such as those for freddie and Friday the 13thand. So whether you’re a fan of gritty horror from the 70s and 80s, or love more recent releases, there’s something here for you.

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Take advantage of the latest technologies

As mentioned earlier, horror-themed casino games have avoided treading water, instead embracing technological advancements to enhance the player experience.

Making the leap from land-based machines to online casinos is an obvious example of this, but it also goes much further.

The leap into the digital realm has allowed developers to really stretch their legs and create captivating and chilling games that are packed with the kinds of atmospheric features that horror fans will appreciate.

Whether you enjoy the glory of the latest graphics and visual effects, where animated symbols and special events are commonplace, or revel in the chilling soundtrack and audio elements, the latest and greatest games of this genre are made to wow players on all platforms.

Additionally, by using the processing power available on modern devices, developers can easily add bonus games and other layers of entertainment on top of the basic slot machine features.

All of this comes together to prove that horror-themed casino games of the current era are far more comprehensive than those released just 10 years ago.

Go mobile

The last thing to mention is the mobile-optimized nature of new casino games, whether or not they are horror-themed.

Being able to play on the go and get all the same features as on a desktop computer is a boon for any fans of horror, gaming, or both.

Even if your handset is not the latest modelit should still be able to run casino games well, as long as you choose a reputable site to play on!