Man accused of stealing $ 1,300 from Duson Casino cash register; flees the scene and crushes the vehicle in a tree

DUSON, Louisiana (KLFY) Police in Duson have pending charges against a man they claim was filmed stealing money from a cashier at a local casino.

This happened around noon on Saturday at a shop on Austria Road in Duson.

While employees were busy with other customers, police said Triston Dupuis d’Opelousas, 22, allegedly reached the counter and took $ 1,300.00 from the cash register.

As police reviewed the video, they say, Dupuis returned in an apparent attempt to steal additional money. a

As the arriving officer pursued him on foot, according to police, Dupuis was able to escape in a black Nissan Versa.

Dupuis then crashed into a row of trees at the intersection of East Alexander and Lajaunie Roads in Lafayette following a chase, police said.

The accident trapped him inside the car and he had to be extricated by Lafayette firefighters and transported to a local trauma center where he remains in serious but stable condition, police said.

Dupuis faces charges of criminal theft, including aggravated flight, resistance to an agent and possession of marijuana.

Police said they discovered two more thefts were committed by Dupuis at the same casino truck stop. he signed up about a week ago.

Upon his discharge from the local hospital, Dupuis will be charged with 2 counts of criminal theft, 1 count of theft, aggravated flight, resistance to an agent, possession of marijuana and detention for the Lafayette police for domestic violence.