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Today, iGaming is one of the most promising and rapidly developing gambling industries. Gambling has always been popular and the move to online gambling for real money has become even more in demand. Today players can participate without even leaving their homes, and now they can also play with just a smartphone in their hand.

With the active development of technology, online games are becoming increasingly available to a growing number of potential gamers. Experts predict a boom in online casinos in the coming years. This is accompanied by both global trends in the development of Internet technologies and great interest in them among users. The coronavirus pandemic has also only increased the influx of online gamers around the world, especially in Europe, Asia and America.

Under the current conditions of the pandemic and its long-term consequences for society, more and more people not only want to try their luck with online betting, but also release tension and stress. It may seem strange, but in the difficult conditions of the pandemic, people did not save money fearing a possible economic crisis, but on the contrary, rushed to spend money on the Internet for online purchases high demand goods. According to analysts, these purchases were not related to basic necessities, but rather to hobbies such as online games. Experts assure us that the future belongs to online platforms.

Some statistics:

  • Hexa Research analysts say online gaming revenue will hit $73 billion by 2024.
  • After researching, the company Evolution has no doubts that Live Casino will be the main source of profit in the gambling market in the near future.
  • The online casino is right behind betting. Online casino revenues are $11.2 billion.
  • Due to its rapid growth, the gaming industry has reached a capitalization of $250 billion in 2021.

Why iGaming?

Working in the field of iGaming not only gives confidence in the future from the point of view of a win-win hardware base, but also allows you to develop professionally, achieving high personal achievement, because the field of gaming online is one of the most (if not the most) dynamically developing. Young professionals who have linked their careers to the field of iGaming are growing daily and mastering new niches and skills inaccessible to those who do not move. Working in iGaming is prestigious. These are new horizons, using the most modern technologies and tools. There are great international conferences where you can share your experience, gain new knowledge and meet new active and promising people who are always striving to be the first.

iGaming Academies — what is it?

We see that the niche is developing very quickly, and there are specialists who understand it. In 2018, the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) conducted a study which revealed a shortage of staff in the iGaming industry. At that time, there were more than 700 vacancies in the country for various online gambling specialists, but only one in eight applicants got a job. For this reason, iGaming academies have started popping up, offering courses that will help you break into the industry.

iGaming academies offer training services to individuals and entire businesses. These courses provide professional training on compliance issues and help the organization comply with licensing and security regulations.

In an iGaming Academy, you can fully train in a new job or develop your skills (managerial, technical, interpersonal communication, or marketing skills) and also join a company, because after these trainings, employers offer good jobs.

Factors contributing to the growth of the iGaming sector

As we have written before, the iGaming industry is growing and developing constantly and at a rapid speed. He was also influenced by events taking place around the world.


The coronavirus pandemic forced everyone to stay home, which meant they were looking for new entertainment. Online casinos, games, live streams, esports – it all helped keep you entertained while sitting in quarantine. Many started playing out of boredom, so the average traffic volume is increasing. The particular success of online casinos is noted in countries where casinos operated offline before the pandemic, for example Germany and the Czech Republic.

– Legalization of gambling in America

America began to slowly but surely legalize the gambling market, which gave the industry a boost and new opportunities.

Some states and cities are considering the possibility of allowing online gambling, while others still face various bureaucratic issues. For example, in California, two bills regulating the gambling industry are under consideration, and in Florida, three at a time. Attempts to enact gambling laws have been made in the states of Kentucky and Kansas, and Massachusetts and Missouri are considering such a possibility.

The US gambling market is one of the largest and most promising in the world. At the same time, it obeys complex and confusing rules: competition is strong there, as well as government pressure on businessmen.

– Flexible licensing options

For casino owners and online operators, this is one of the main advantages. It will be much cheaper to create an online casino than a land-based casino. In addition, licenses for offshore casinos are generally more profitable.

Jurisdictions where you can obtain a gambling license include Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Kahnawake. Many of these jurisdictions offer a balance of benefits, obligations and requirements.

– Blockchain in the iGaming sector

Innovative technologies are constantly being used in the iGaming industry. Malta even calls itself a “blockchain island”, becoming the first country to legalize blockchain. Now they are actively attracting cryptocurrency exchanges, ICO platforms, blockchain-based application developers and many more, which opens up new opportunities for iGaming businesses.

According to experts, blockchain is one of the most relevant topics in the online casino industry in 2022. Its main advantage is reliability and anonymity, all information and financial processes with this technology are protected at the maximum. Blockchain is expected to have a huge impact on the entire gambling industry.

DUXGroup: Business Analysis of the iGaming Industry

One of the brightest players in the iGaming business is the international holding company DUXGroup, on the basis of which licensed casino brands have been successfully operating for several years, as well as the chilli partners Affiliate program.

In 5 years of working in the field of online gambling, DUXGroup was able to attract and retain around 250 employees of the best professionals in their field, acquire two offices in Malta and Cyprus and create its own brand DUXPlatform.

The holding more than successfully weathered the global crisis of 2020-2021, when many competitive business ventures failed miserably. In addition, already at the very beginning of 2022, the management of DUXGroup decided to further expand the workforce for the implementation of new major projects planned for this year. Today on the holding’s website you can find such promising vacancies as VIP Team Leader, Payments Manager, German VIP Manageras well as vacancies for beginners, such as Junior Affiliate Managers. This list of vacancies testifies to the large-scale projects of the holding, which could have arisen exclusively on a stable and powerful basis of projects successfully implemented in recent years.

The company openly declares that it is carrying out a revolution in the field of iGaming. The key to the success of this revolution are above all the people who work in the farm. The best professionals lead DUXGroup to victory in the market, and DUXGroup, in turn, provides its employees with the best tools to open bright career prospects with high incomes.

Where can I look for a job in the iGaming sector?

We have compiled a list of sites where you can find work in the iGaming sector. Vacancies are advertised in Malta and remotely. You can also search for vacancies on Facebook and LinkedIn.


iGaming is an industry that will always remain relevant. From year to year, the attitude towards gambling is becoming more loyal, and the audience in the world is only growing. Additionally, new technologies are helping online casinos grow faster and build a more transparent and secure business. Therefore, working in the iGaming sector can be a great starting point and help unlock the creative potential of any good specialist.