The Best Dragon-Themed Casino Games

The iconic symbol of the Red Dragon has been synonymous with Wales for over a thousand years – and some historians even believe that the use of the symbol actually dates back to the time of King Arthur and the fifth century.

Since then, there has been a close connection between Wales and dragon symbolism. This was further reinforced in 2016, when fossilized remains of a Dracoraptor (dragon robber) dinosaur were discovered on a beach in Penarth. This legendary dragon creature is over 200 million years old and was closely related to the fearsome T-Rex.

However, dragons are the creatures that fill fantasy books and movies these days. Programs such as Game of Thrones and the Harry Potter film franchise have made them regular on our television screens – and this popularity has made their transition to the online casino screen even more successful.

We may be living in a time where technology has never been more advanced… where we regularly use mobiles to gamble at Apple Pay casinos, and use more innovative technology to enjoy 3D games and even VR games. However, the historical dragon theme is never outdated.

Here we are going to take a look at all the best dragon themed slot games you can play at the best online casinos.

1: Dragonfall

First up we have the game Dragonfall, which is a visually stunning slot full of aesthetic treasures. The game serves up brightly colored dragon eggs, which drop from the top of the screen Tetris-style, forming clusters. As this is a paying cluster, if you manage to land four or more matching symbols in a cluster, you will receive a win, the symbols will be removed from the grid with more symbols falling into their spaces, which again means more chances to form new clusters and get more wins.

The payout element of the cluster sets it apart from other slot games, which makes it fun and engaging. It’s one of the newest slots in the industry – and as such, that means an even better experience. It also means that it offers great Dragonfall gameplay on all different mobile devices, so you can slay the dragon on the go, wherever you want, whenever you want.

2: Dragon’s Treasure II

Second on our list is Dragon’s Treasure II, which is a more standard and traditional slot game played on three reels, offering ten fixed paylines. The game is set in the middle ages and features all the expected medieval characters including dragons and knights. It is a game that evokes all the popularity and atmosphere of the well-known fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, which was commonly played in the 1980s and 1990s.

The game is simple – and it looks pretty basic, but that makes it perfect for new players and means you can start enjoying the game and racking up the victories with very little learning required. Finding dragon treasure has never been easier!

3: Lucky Dragons

Next we have is Lucky Dragon… although based on the Far Easter theme, it’s not exactly a Welsh Dragon style slot… but let’s put that aside. This is still a great dragon themed slot game. Its East Asian theme means it includes Buddhas, gold coins, tigers, eagles and Chinese New Year symbols. You can get a real taste of the celebrations and you’re playing to the sound of bells and flutes – as the reels spin with their striking and stunning golden graphics.

The game has a standard five reel format and offers 50 paylines. There are special bonuses such as wild symbols, scatters and free spins. Your objective is to match the correct symbols and trigger the bonuses.

4: Dragonfire

This is an extremely popular dragon-inspired game that offers fantastic animations, bold graphics and an interesting and original payment system. The game’s developer, Red Tiger, is known for its innovation – and this game is the perfect example. It begins with the exhalation of the dragon’s fiery breath, which clears the reel for play.

The game is played on 5 reels and 4 rows and offers 40 paylines. The main symbols are dragons, dragon eyes and dragon eggs. There are also plenty of features to keep the game engaging. The main feature is the game’s massive dragon that will land on the reel as the game unfolds. This can be awakened at any time, releasing random scatters and wilds as it breathes fire onto the reels. The dragon egg will act as a progressive multiplier.

Other excellent dragon slot games include Dragon’s Wild, Dragon’s Cache, Dragon’s Cluster and Dragon’s Luck, which perfectly capture the exciting dragon theme and combine excellent graphics and fun gameplay for a legendary experience.