The Quantum of Solace game was actually a Casino Royale game.

Fans of the James Bond games will be surprised to see more levels related to Casino Royale in the game Quantum of Solace than the movie it is named after.

As Daniel Craig’s memorable tenure as James Bond comes to an end with No time to die its films don’t have as many video game adaptations as its predecessors. This is, unfortunately, because the once strong Bond video game franchise that flourished in the ’90s and 2000s collapsed during Craig’s time as Bond. Craig’s Bond is playable in a few games, but the only game that is a direct adaptation of one of his films is from 2008. Quantum of Consolation. Most fans will be disappointed to learn that of all the Bond movies from this era, the most important game released was based on their most forgettable film in the series.

Bond fans who would like to play more games based on Bond’s Daniel Craig era, the Quantum of Consolation the game is definitely worth playing. It is not necessarily because the game is the Golden eye of his generation, as Quantum of Consolation is a modern shooting game influenced by Call of Duty. However, the real draw is that the Quantum the bonding game is really a Casino Royale disguised game.

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After playing the first four levels of the game which reconstruct the first act of Quantum of Consolation, Bond takes a break from the action to chat with his ally, Camille Montes. They talk about who they lost and why they are seeking revenge; for Camille, it is against General Medrano and for Bond, it is against the secret terrorist organization Quantum. From there the game returns to the start of Casino Royale where Bond pursues terrorist Mollaka Danso in Madagascar. In what was initially considered a short explanation of how James lost his love, Vesper Lynd, the game spends the next ten levels piecing together the entirety of Casino Royale.

A lot of action and character development happens throughout the two and a half hours of Craig’s first Bond movie, so the whole movie took the majority of the time as well. Quantum of Consolation the plot of the game despite the title. Once the Casino Royale the flashback is finally over, the player picks up where it left off and ends the Quantum scenario in the last level. It’s weird that this game is called Quantum of Consolation despite presenting more of its predecessor. The only reason keeping that title made sense was that it was released around the same time as the film, although in hindsight it would probably have sold better if both films were in the title as that double feature film.

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As to why the game focuses so much on Casino Royale in one Quantum of Consolation game, the Treyarch developers didn’t have much information about the official plot of the new movie. Most now know that the production of the film was plagued by the writers’ strike of 2008. The script they had was constantly reworked on the production to the point that Craig himself was rewriting scenes. With no definitive script and a looming deadline, the decision was made to focus on Casino Royale rather than waiting for a Quantum of Consolation script that may never come.

If there was one bright side to this otherwise difficult experience, it was that the fans had the Casino Royale the video game adaptation they were hoping for, but some may not yet know it. Watching Craig’s first two movies back-to-back will remind fans how disappointing the follow-up is, so maybe the best way to enjoy the two stories together is to play the Quantum of Consolation video game.

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