What kind of car does James Bond drive at Casino Royale?

The Aston Martin DBS introduced in Casino Royale has become one of the best things in the movie.

James Bond is famous for a lot of things: exotic tours, exquisite shootouts with criminals, beautiful women and amazing cars. Some of the franchise’s fast cars are particularly noteworthy. The Aston Martin DBS introduced in Casino Royale, for example, has become one of the best things in the movie.

Newly developed, the Aston Martin DBS had never appeared elsewhere before Casino Royale. In fact, it probably wouldn’t have been released without the producers of James Bond. Legendary producer Barbara Broccoli drafted the model featured in Casino Royale after seeing Aston Martin’s initial branding.

Broccoli negotiation succeeds


After an agreement between Broccoli and the automaker, Aston released two prototype DBS cars. The British automaker released the prototypes with looks and “close-ups” in mind.

“Aston’s prototype workshop removed all extruded aluminum bumpers to hand build two identical DBS ‘hero’ cars that could be used for close-ups and a smooth ride,” Evo.co.uk reported after an interview with the executives of Aston Martin.

As it turned out, Bond didn’t have “smooth driving” in mind when he accelerated and rolled in the luxury automobile. In one scene, Officer 007 swerves the car at high speed to avoid hitting a tied up Vesper Lynd, but in the process the car rolled over numerous times.

As Evo’s article noted, forcing the DBS to roll was an extremely difficult task. In order for the stunt to work, the producers had to install an eight-inch ramp under the car. He failed to overturn the vehicle and the team had to increase the ramp to 18 inches.

Still, the team had to use a nitrogen-filled gas cannon installed behind the driver’s car seat to help deflect the car in a way that forced it to roll. Even though it was a considerable risk, the stunt was so successful that it broke the record of the time for barrel-initiated car rolls.

The driver swerved the car at a speed of 70 mph, forcing the vehicle to roll seven times to break the record then held by Top Gear.

Gambling at Casino Royale

Casino Royale, how to win at the casino according to the movies

Thinking back to the movie, the cannon wasn’t the only unusual thing Agent 007 did. At Casino Royale in Montenegro, Bond chose to play Texas Hold’em instead of his favorite game, Baccarat. But in his usual winning style, the agent beats his opponents to win the $ 115 million bet with a straight flush hand.

Being a game based on skill and luck, it’s not uncommon for a talented man like Bond to win the game. But wouldn’t it be surprising if he played slot machines? The best casinos offer players no deposit free spins and other bonuses to help them minimize their losses. It could have helped Bond strategize and land the jackpot, but it’s unlikely to ever happen.

A look at DBS performance

The DBS has a powerful V12 engine that reaches up to 5935CC. This is the same engine used in a few of Aston’s racing cars, including the DBRS9 and DBR9. Equipped with four valves per cylinder, the engine produces a maximum of 510 horsepower, the equivalent of 380 kilowatts of power.

Thanks to the presence of an additional valve, the DBS can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in an impressive time of 4.3 seconds. When its TOUCHTRONIC 2 transmission is fired, the speedster can reach a top speed of 183 mph. The speed increases to 191 mph when the transmission is cut.

As far as handling is concerned, the DBS exhibits the same horizontal vertical used by the DB9. It is based on providing the car with extreme strength and rigidity. In turn, this makes it conveniently easy to control.

The car also features a lot of carbon materials that keep it light. The brakes, for example, are carbon-ceramic, which saves 28 pounds of weight. The interior of the car is also dominated by carbon fiber.

DBS beyond Casino Royale

Quantum Solace was released as a sequel to Casino Royale and featured many of the cast members involved in the 2007 hit movie. Daniel Craig returned as Agent 007 and brought back his prestigious ride. Unlike Casino Royale, however, DBS was only featured in a short chase at the start of the film.

Aston initially supplied six DBS cars for the project. None of them were significantly damaged, and the maker ended up selling one to a fan of the film.

  • Quantum of Solace – the video game

Shortly after the film’s release, a video game of the same name was released. In it, Bond drives the DBS before capturing Mr. White at his residence. He also appears in Casino Royale flashbacks and in the game’s opening credits.

In another Bond series-inspired video game, Agent 007 straps in and uses DBS to stop a suicide bomber. The car appears several times in the game, including in a train chase as Bond runs after a fugitive. And as in Quantum Solace, the vehicle was used alongside another Aston model. Specifically, the developers offer both DB5 and DBS in the game.

By now, it had become common for video game developers to incorporate DBS into their games. Developers 007 have used the car throughout the game’s missions. It first appears in the Goldfinger scene as Bond tries to escape. He is held at gunpoint but still escapes after eliminating Mr. Ling.

The car then appears in the Secret Service mission starring Tracy. Finally, the vehicle is featured in the mission “Die Another Day as Leap as Colleagues Attempt to Stop Gustav Graves’ Plane”.

To conclude

Casino Royale made Aston Martin’s DBS luxury car famous despite Bond having mishandled the expensive ride on several occasions. It is a well-built car with a powerful engine, excellent mechanics and a sleek design. After its appearance in Casino Royale, the car was taken over by several video game developers, notably for video games inspired by the British action series.