Xbox Vs Mobile: How Do Casino Games Differ?

While you can play online casinos from your Xbox through the Microsoft Edge web browser, you’ll need to use your Xbox controller, so it’s not really ideal, and you can’t just take your Xbox anywhere like you can with a cell phone. Therefore, playing mobile casino games from your smartphone or tablet is much more convenient than playing on Xbox.

Here is a closer look at some of the main differences between online casino games from a mobile device and online casino games from an Xbox console.

What types of casino games are there on Xbox?

If you think of online casinos, such as Go online casino as a prime example, which also has a sportsbook, live betting, live casino and other gaming products, whereas Xbox only has a small handful of games where you can play slots and sit at the tables to play a few card games, but they have nothing to do with a real online casino. The quality of these games is rudimentary compared to proper, fully licensed online casino games, and the payout rates are much lower.

Examples of casino games made specifically for Xbox, where you can play card games or slots, include titles such as Four Kings Casino & Slots, Casino Nights, Pure Hold’em and Prominence Poker. You can also play classic casino games in GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto 5: Diamond Casino & Resort), and they can all be compared to The Sims, just to give you an idea.

Can you play online casinos from an Xbox?

You can play in online casinos directly from your Xbox, but no online casino app has yet been developed by a major gambling operator. Instead, you’ll need to open your default Xbox Microsoft Edge web browser, type the name of the casino website in the search engine and then play instantly in your web browser. Keep in mind that you’ll have to do all of this using an Xbox controller, which isn’t the most convenient way to play.

Xboxes were designed and manufactured for video games, NOT online casino games.

Can you play online casinos from a mobile?

Yes. Almost every licensed online casino in the world, without exception, has been optimized for mobile, which means you can play at your favorite online casino using any modern handheld mobile device. The only real differences between playing online casinos from your Xbox or from your mobile is that you don’t need to use a controller when playing on mobile. Instead of watching the action on a TV screen When you play on your Xbox, when you play on mobile you’ll be watching the action on a much smaller screen.


In short, it’s not worth trying to play at an online casino from your Xbox. If you want to visit an online casino, the best thing to do would be to stick to your smartphone or tablet. If you don’t have one of these portable devices, your next best option would be to visit an online casino like the one mentioned above using a desktop or laptop computer.